So Cal Home Leased

About 34 days before I get on the plane and the start of my adventure!

Today I accepted an application from someone that I know will be a terrific tenant for my home here in So Cal.   I’m not going to say much about them but they have a great job and I can tell they will be happy here.  That is a huge relief for me.

So, now with this item checked off the list I can focus on looking forward to the trip and what lies ahead.  I have some friends coming to visit me at different points during my trip in between my school experiences.  In February, I have a friend possibly visiting me in Paris for my birthday.  In April I hope to have some other friends see me.  After my course in Florence, I’m hoping some friends of mine will be joining me in Italy for their first trip there.  I can’t wait to show them one of my favorite countries in Europe.  I hope to have another couple of friends visit me end of August to ride some bikes around Europe a bit and I hope the finale will be a trip to Morocco in November before I head back stateside in December.

Stay tuned!


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