Happy New Year

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and now I can’t wait for it. People ask me how’s it feel not “working” and I say, “I’m exhausted”. The last week and a half has been nonstop packing and in the middle of it, I got a cold.   I couldn’t let that stop me because I had movers coming.  I’ve been waking up before 8a every day to get things going. Now I’m finishing up the last few things before I turn over my house on the 1st.  I still have plenty of things on the list to do before I get on that plane on Saturday.  I can’t wait to take off.  I’ll finally get some rest!  I’ll check in from the other side of the pond next week.

Published by elliemulet

I've been traveling for over 35 years. Culture, food, photography and art motivate my travels. Where to next?

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