Settling In

Day 2 in Paris – I’ll quickly recap day 0 and day 1.  Day 0 I arrived into Paris Orly about 9:30pm local time.  I quickly found my ride into town and checked into the Hotel de Sevres in the 6th district.  Got to see a couple of Law & Orders in French while getting ready for bed.  Day 1 I had breakfast, checked out and checked into my apartment.  It’s a small place, maybe 150 sq ft living/dining/kitchen and about 100 sq ft bedroom and bathroom.  Good enough for 1 but will be very tight for more.  Although I did read a book the landlady has here and 3 girls did stay here for a period of time.  After checking in went and walked around.  Got food at the local Carrefour market, cooked myself an early dinner, checked email and watched a bit of tele – on my computer because for some reason, the TV is not working.  The landlady told me the TV runs through the internet.  The wifi is working perfectly, so not sure why the TV isn’t working.  Anyway, she’s coming over tomorrow to check it out.  I suspect I may have clicked something I wasn’t supposed to?  I’m normally not electronically challenged, but couldn’t figure it out.  Anyway, I started watching “Through the Wormhole” on YouTube and quickly fell asleep.  It wasn’t the show, I was tired.

So, that brings us to today.  After slowly getting underway, I walked over to the Eiffel Tower district. Swung by the ET and took some photos and then went to a local cafe on Rue Cler, le Cafe du Marche.  It was just starting to rain so it was perfect timing.  I relaxed in the cafe and had some salmon tartare with salad and a nice glass of pinot gris.  I followed it with a pretty strong cup of Lavazza coffee.  After my lunch I went searching for a small fry pan.  The fry pan here at the apartment is an old IKEA one and is beyond its lifespan.  The non-stick is coming off and that is not healthy.  I didn’t buy one but I think the one I will get is over at the Rue Cler.  It’s about 12 Euros which is about $16 US.  I think that’s pricey but I’ve found many things pricey here so far.  Will have to see if I can find better markets to get my everyday things.  Went walking down the riverbank all the way to the Louvre and then started walking back and got tired, so I jumped on the metro.

A couple of observations: the French people are a lot nicer than people give them credit being.  When I was waiting for the landlady yesterday, one of the workers at the restaurant next door brought out a chair for me.  Also, everyone says hello to you even though they don’t know you.  And, my waiter was also very cordial.

Tomorrow?  I may go to a museum.  Depends on the weather.  Today was quite nice for walking.


2 responses to “Settling In”

  1. So excited for you E! Thanks for keeping your friends in the news. Send us photos. Love, Me & MB. How long are you there for?


  2. NM I just read one of your blogs that states a year. Excited have fun and enjoy all the food, wine & coffee. Yumm! Love, Me and MB


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