Do you want some wine to go with that cheese?

I have found a nice wine for under 10 Euro that is really nice.  I went to a real wine merchant instead of just the supermarket and told the wine merchant what I was eating with and that I wanted a wine “for every day” a code for  “I don’t want to spend big bucks for this because it’s just me”.  So, on the way home from school on the Rue des Abbes, I stopped at a boucherie and got some rillettes de canard and some pate de compagne (cat food to some of my friends) and then I got some pain du cereals (multi grain bread) at a boulangerie and I went to the cheese shop a block from my house and got some cheddar laced with reduced Guinness and some really smelly but fantastic cheese called Coulommiers.  The wine merchant recommended some wine from the Cote de Roussillion, in the southwest of France that was 6.50 Euro or just under $10.  It’s a winner!  Loved it along with my other small shop finds from the merchants I visited today.  I have more than enough for another day or two and I spent 19 Euro or about $24.  I will go back and get another bottle of this wine (I almost polished a whole one by myself tonight!) and ask for others.  They also had hard liquors there.  Another thing, that cheese shop smelled heavenly when I walked in and after my purchases I saw some cheese with REAL truffles.  Oh, I will go back there and get some of that!  I’m finding that the outdoor markets and the artisinal shops are where it’s at.


2 responses to “Do you want some wine to go with that cheese?”

  1. Ok! so where do you go for Chinese food ��Enjoy it all Mulata ��


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