Wash & Dry

So, this past weekend, I thought I’d clean the duvet, sheets and pillows that came with my apartment.  The weekend prior I gave the place a good scrub down and after I saw all the dust and dirt in the place, I wasn’t sure when the last time the comforter had been washed.  There is a laundromat about 1/2 block from here, very convenient, and I popped in on Thursday to check the prices.  Now, I have a washer at the apartment but it fits very little clothing and a set of sheets but no way would it fit the comforter or even the pillows on their own.  I’ve already used my washer for clothes and towels but it takes about 48 hours to dry towels and jeans.  So, anyway, I made sure I had the proper bills – there was a change machine, thank goodness, and I set some time aside to take the comforter down there.  I fit the comforter in one of my suitcases, had to pay almost 10 Euros for the “big” machine, in which I barely fit the comforter and let ‘er rip.  Then I came back for the pillows and put them in another smaller machine, which was just under 5 Euros.  While those were whirling away in the washing machines I came back to the apartment and put the sheets in the washer here.  By the time my sheets were done here, I took the wet sheets back to the laundromat and used one dryer to dry everything.  The wash cycles are mostly about an hour to an hour 15 mins or so.  The washer here in the apartment has a “fast” cycle which runs about 40-50 minutes.  Luckily, the dryers at the laundromat are quite large and if you pick the high temp, they do get quite hot.  It only took about 30 minutes to dry everything, so that was another 3 Euros.  So, for about 18 Euros, I washed all the bedding thoroughly!  Pricey, but boy did I feel great sleeping in my super clean sheets and duvet that night.  Mission accomplished!


One response to “Wash & Dry”

  1. Your life is SOOOOO exciting! hahahahahahahahahaha


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