B-day Weekend Part 2

My birthday dinner was scheduled and took place at Le Petit Pontoise.  Dollie and I had been to this restaurant a coule of years ago.  I don’t remember loving it as much as she did back then but I can tell you that this time around I thought it was fantastic.  And, not just because the whole restaurant sang “Happy Birthday” to me. 🙂

Dollie informed me that a couple of very good friends of mine had given her $50US for us to splurge on a bottle of wine.  Good thing, the bottle was about 46EU (about $65US).  It was an excellent wine and went along beautifully with both of our dinners.  Here’s some pics.

My first course.  You can see our wine and Dollie had a warm
 salad with French style green beans.

Our main courses: I had lamb chops and Dollie had duck with
 foie gras over some pureed winter vegetables.

The aftermath!
As became our habit, we walked home after our dinners. In fact, we walked all over the place and only took the metro a couple of times and a taxi once when we thought we were going to be late for one of our dinners.  As most of our dinners were in the 3rd and 5th districts, we would walk back through St. Germain des Près and down the boulevard of the same name, passed the Odeon and the St. Sulpice church and would bank a left down the Rue de Sévres, past the Bon Marche and finally down my street, Pierre Leroux.  It’s a couple of miles one way.  Gives us a little time to digest our food and on the way you have a lot of things to see.

Up next…Champagne!


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