On the Sunday that D came to visit, we took the TGV and went to Reims.  That’s in Champagne country.  Less than 1 hour outside of Paris.  We were able to secure a visit to the Pommery house of Champagne.  I didn’t realize until the tour that a lot of the Champagne houses were led by women.  Quite a feet back in the day.  The history of Pommery was very interesting and it was very cool to walk the interior caves where the champagne is still stored.  I had bought us the kick ass tasting and we were able to try some of the better vintages.  Good stuff.  The rest of the day we had lunch and toured the cathedral at Reims which rivals Notre Dame in Paris and this cathedral in Reims is where several Kings of France had held their coronations.  I recommend a day trip but try to avoid Sunday as most of the town is closed and we were relegated to having lunch at a very touristy British style brasserie.  The food was ok but you can tell they catered to the masses.  The good part was the view.




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