Switching Sides

So, this is my last month in Paris and the French school. I decided to switch apartments after all.  The upstairs neighbor at the old place came back after being gone a couple of weeks and it sealed the deal.  It had other privacy issues and of course, the gap in the door made it easy for the mice to get in from the outside, but I would have overlooked all of that for my last month because it was quite a spacious apartment for Paris.  You’ll see from my photos below that the new place is tiny!  It’s a studio, where the mirrored doors open to reveal a Murphy bed for sleeping.  There’s a kitchenette, not really a kitchen, but they’ve managed to fit a dishwasher in there.  Pretty amazing given its size.  I’ve only used it as a dish rack so far, but if I invite some school mates over for some wine, I might actually use it. The bathroom oddly enough is a little bit larger than the old apartment but I’m still near the trash cans and can hear people throwing their bottles in the recycle bin.  Give & take.  I would love to have had a top floor apartment, even without an elevator, to avoid having upstairs neighbors, but that adds quite a bit on to the bill.  Still, this apartment has newer fittings and seems to be a little bit better insulated than the last and I don’t feel like I need the heater on all the time.  Another thing is the location of this place is right across the street from the Luxembourg Gardens.  See the Lux Gardens post to come.


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