Another Beach – Carvoeiro

Another beautiful cliffside beach in the town of Carvoeiro. I go walking along the Algor Seco boardwalk on a lovely day in March.

It’s 2021 but Portugal is just emerging slowly from the COVID lockdowns imposed in mid-January. A lot is expected to open after the Easter Break or April 5th. The town of Carvoeiro when I visited is almost abandoned. Less than 5 sun tanners on the beach and the restaurants are only available for “take away” – “to go” for us Americans.

The boardwalk is an easy, maybe 1 km in each direction. Easily accessible for all abilities. I think the iWatch said it was about a mile round trip. This is, what I’m told, a quieter part of the Algarve. Although I think downtown Carvoeiro, what must be the “party” strip from the beach to the center of the medieval quarter of town, is probably loud and busy in Summer in a normal year.

Today, I almost have it to myself. One of the reasons I chose the vineyard property is that I am less than 5 miles from beaches like this but I will be away from the crowds and the noise in the evenings. I can come down here, enjoy the beach, have a drink by the beach and then take an Uber back to the vineyard and relax. There are bbq facilities at the vineyard, I have a full kitchen and can enjoy making a quick meal in the evening and enjoy the quiet of the countryside and I still have a nice view of the vineyard to boot. Although, I am next to a dog rescue and do hear some dogs at night, but it’s better than drunken revelers arriving at your apartment, condo or hotel complex at 1 a.m., or late, any given night!

These beaches remind me of Southern California in some ways. We have some nice cliffside beaches, I’m looking at you Salt Creek Beach, but a lot of these beaches here in the Algarve are only accessible by boat, paddle board, kayak, etc. I look forward to exploring them further when it’s permissible.

On my way here, I took the Google maps route which did not lead me through the center of town but skirted it a bit. I went through a very nice neighborhood with high fences and once in a while you had a peak of a stunning home. Once in a while you could see the view of the ocean beyond. In my mind I thought, “this is the Beverly Hills or Bel Air of the Algarve”. So far I’ve only been to a couple of beaches and I look forward to exploring more for Southern Portugal’s coast.

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