The Cape

To recap, here’s a list of my stops from mid-July to mid-September 2021.

  1. SoCal and Idaho trip
  2. Las Vegas
  3. Charleston
  4. Finger Lakes, New York
  5. Portland, Maine
  6. Boston, Mass.
  7. Cape Cod & Returning home to my vineyard!

In this final installment concluding my summer trip to the U.S., we visit an iconic location and a right of summer for the Northeast – Cape Cod. You may know it because of the Kennedy connection or as a glamorous getaway for New Yorkers and Bostonians. As I prepare for this post, I’m a little disappointed with the quantity and quality of my photos of the Cape. I may have to go back to get some! 🙂

The accommodation of choice was the Ocean Edge Resort. It’s located in the town of Brewster which is sort of in the middle of the North side of the Cape. There are several restaurants at the resort and they have apartments for rent called The Villages, as well as rooms at the main lodge, The Mansion. We stayed at a one bedroom apartment and ate at 3 of the 4 restaurants during our stay. Just like a lot of places around the U.S., they were a bit short of staff so service was slow but the food was still very good.

The most famous of the towns on the Cape is Provincetown. When I visited in November 2014 the town was super sleepy and I didn’t realize it was a haven for the LGBTQ community. This time around parking was hard to come by and there were pride flags everywhere. There are a lot of nice shops around town from furniture and design shops to some nice small ateliers featuring local art and ceramics, etc. There are a ton of restaurants and cafes as well and we capped things off by having lunch by the water.

We were a little torn as as to whether we should visit Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard. The Vineyard won out. Our visit fell on a stormy day. We took an early morning ferry from Hyannis. The ride wasn’t that bad despite the inclement weather. It took about an hour and we had to hang out for a while before our bus tour of the island began. The tour was very enjoyable and the driver/guide was very entertaining. You got to circumnavigate the island to view some of its iconic sites and learn some quirky history. You never know when you hear stories from guides how embellished they might be, but it’s all in good fun.

Coming back home…

I left the U.S. on September 11th. I had to get a negative COVID test before boarding my international flight. I arranged to have my test done at the Boston Logan Airport. Now, here’s one of the things that gets me upset about America. My test in Boston cost me $200! When I left Portugal for the U.S., the same kind of test, delivered in the same amount of time, approximately 30 minutes, cost me $35 converting from Euros. When I went home for Thanksgiving, that same test in Boston cost me $250 yet the price in Portugal had not changed. In any case, I tested negative and was allowed to board the flight. My test was also checked once I landed in Faro, Portugal.

When I got back here to the vineyard on September 12th I was able to go straight to my own place. It felt good. I feel very at home here. I arrived on March 2nd, 2021 and at that time, the villas were not yet finished. I stayed in an older apartment here on the vineyard that still had a great view of the vines. I stayed here the months of March and April. For May and June I had an apartment in the bigger town next door, Portimão. I was just over a mile from the beach and it was very nice. I did a bit of traveling in June before spending my summer vacay in the USA and we circle back to my series, see above. It’s hard to believe it’s been ten months. It’s taken a while but I’m settling in. More to come.


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