A week in December…during “lockdown”

Rijksmuseum Plaza

In a previous story, I mentioned that Boston was one of my favorite U.S. cities. Well, Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities on the European Continent. I was fresh from a couple of weeks in the States for the Thanksgiving Holiday visiting friends and family and the purpose for visiting Amsterdam was also to see friends. I have been more times than I have fingers. It’s one of those places I feel so comfortable in that as the plane is descending to land, I get a sense of comfort.

Rembrandt – The Nightwatch

I arrived from the East Coast, USA via London. With my required COVID papers in hand, I was allowed to enter. Luckily, my CDC vax card was accepted at bars and at the Rijksmuseum. The “lockdown” consisted of bars and restaurants closing at 5pm. Such a shame because there was still a cosy atmosphere around the city. It was crisp and full of Christmas decorations. They were also have a light display around the city which encompassed bridges, holographic images and the typical holiday lights.

Festival of Lights

I suppose the good thing about things closing early is that I got to spend some quality time with my friends. We hadn’t seen each other since 2014 when I spent a year abroad and about 2 of those weeks were spent in Amsterdam. (Check out some of my Ellie in the EU posts here.) When we did go out, we hit up a few bars over a few days and sampled their offerings of bitterballen. It’s like if you took a thick gravy/roux with bite size pieces of beef/meat, formed them into a ball, coated and deep fried them and you have a bitterbal. They are tasty.

Flower Shop

I love aimlessly walking around Amsterdam. The people are very honest and open and they speak perfect English. I never feel ashamed that I don’t speak Dutch and love that the Dutch don’t mind that I don’t! I hope to be back to visit the city and my friends again soon!


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