Capitoline Museum, Rome
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My First Love…Europe

Europe was my first trip outside of the U.S. I keep returning and exploring its
history and many cultures. Step inside…

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Down South with Friends If you are following me, in this blog series I just got back from Vegas and made my way to Charleston, South Carolina. SoCal and Idaho trip Las Vegas Charleston Finger Lakes, New York Portland, Maine Boston, Mass. Cape Cod & Returning home to my vineyard! Some very dear friends ofContinue reading “Charleston”

Vegas, Baby!

Ok, truth be told, I do NOT like Vegas! I am not a gambler. I worked hard for my money and don’t want to see $50 vanish in less than 5 minutes with the hopes of turning said $50 into $5,000 or more. Now, what’s the difference between Vegas and the Stock Market? Not sure,Continue reading “Vegas, Baby!”


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