Travel is a huge part of who I am. The first time I flew on a plane I was 12. I remember being amazed at the takeoff. I still am! That first trip was stateside from Los Angeles to New York and Miami to visit relatives but I was hooked just the same.  In high school thumbing through the Encyclopedia Britannica I’d go to the country specific sections, look at the maps and wonder what those countries and people were like.  This is before the internet, blogs, etc., so it wasn’t easy to find travel specific information.   

Today we have Facebook and Instagram to document our travels.  Photos are souvenirs. Thumbnails of experiences. I wouldn’t feel like I’d been there if I didn’t have my photos.  You’ll find I take a lot of landscape, architecture and food photos  Why so much food, besides the fact I love to eat and drink?  I find that food enhances my travel experience as well as being a gateway to cultures that allow us to make lasting connections. 

 The reason I chose Voyage Toujours, which means Always Travel, as the name of my site was that the word “voyage” in French means traveling, and in English, voyage.  For me, travel has been a part of the voyage of my life.  I’ve been voyaging to Europe since 1987 and fell in love instantly.  I have ventured outside of Europe to Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Peru, Canada, Egypt, Turkey and Russia but in 2014, I took a sabbatical to appease my Europe lust.  I almost spent the entire year in Europe.  Instead of getting it out of my system, it’s increased my appetite.  Learn from my mistakes and join the adventure.

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